Kamal Mustafa

A Sudanese plastic artist, one of the founders of the Nouatieh Group, participated in several exhibitions. The artist, Dr. Kamal Mustafa, practices making transparency on the ground of roughness, bypassing the dilemma of combining the two extremes of colors, when Kamal Mustafa devours the surface of roughness and declines to ascend to the summit of visual pleasure without distorting, narrowing or dissonant features of the land, people and legacies as commented by Professor Antonio Scordia of the University of Rome Faculty of Arts In Italy, on the works of Kamal Mustafa, where Kamal studied and obtained his higher education at the Academy of Rome, the paintings of the artist Kamal bear the exciting qualities of Sudanese art with the additions he acquired and the Sudanese privacy that is prevented from transparency, which the plastic critic Mahmoud Al-Zobaiy said is a myth according to the standards of the prevailing global beauty and the intended additions here are not more than the fact that They are new solutions or possibilities and techniques that create the first principle that the artist made philosophically and aesthetically. What is said about Rashid Diab can be said about the perfection of the artist from the angle of compatibility between purely aesthetic values ​​and the type of treatment that includes addition, transcendence and depth that transcends simulation, but rather raises questions and raises feelings and ideas And he revolts and dreams, using spontaneity and freedom, within the framework of abstract aesthetic values, because it is an art that depends on a For a principle that does not depend on subjectivity, then the perfection of an artist's reporter proposes the equation of color, space and light on the divisions of the surface with fairness, vision and the logic of beauty, not with the beauty of logic, time of places without a place and place without time, but a transparent abstraction devoid of complexity, the artists here each take a path and take a style unique to its owner But they eventually meet the climax of the summit