Abdullah Hamas

He was born in 1373 AH, Abha, in the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a Saudi international painter and plastic artist, and he is one of the most famous artists in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, the artist's style is characterized by that it reflects the environment in which he lived was influenced by the mountainous nature of the Asir region as we see works related to Arab architectural features and popular decorations He was distinguished by his abstract style in all his photographic works, as he tends towards abstraction to reach elements that have no similarities completely identical in reality and depends in his paintings and works on the remarkable diversity and renewal of colors and different tools and their consistency. Topics covered in his paintings: He expresses in his paintings about the people, the city, the costumes and the simple life of the people of the villages and countryside, as he brings our memories back to the popular buildings and aspects of life in his city Abha with the height of its trees, mountains and rich colors. Abdullah Hamas moved to study at the Institute of Art Education in Riyadh in year 1392 AH 1972 AD and worked as an art education teacher in both Abha and Jeddah for a period of 37 years. He resided there and worked as president of plastic arts in the Culture and Arts Association, Chairman of the Exhibitions Committee, Secretary General of the Exhibitions Committee and Secretary General of the House of Fine Artists. He also held a number of plastic arts courses. He held the first personal exhibition in Riyadh. In 1394 AH and began and continued after that his artistic career and his personal exhibitions until the number of personal exhibitions reached 33 exhibitions in different cities and countries such as Rabat, Dubai, Paris, London and Cairo, and the last personal exhibition for a moment was the thirty-third that was held in Jeddah 09 November 2014 and has many participants in Exhibitions around the world, including: America, Kuwait, Canada, Germany, France, Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. He has holdings in Belgium, Jordan, and Madrid and New York, and won many awards from different sides