Abdullah Nawawi

Abdullah Nawawi … English Abdullah Nawawi is Saudi painter, he was born in 1947, he had the master of Fine Arts In United States in Colorado City, he worked as a head of Fine Education section in the student activities in the Education department in the western region, he worked as permanent representative to Saudi Arabia in the Arab Artists union within 1984 & 1992, he became a member in the Fine Artists association in Indiana in United States, he represented Saudi Arabia in the international artists conference in Helsinki, Finland. He became a member in the Fine Artists house Committee in Jeddah, He became a head of Exhibitions Committee in the Artists house & he participated in several Exhibitions as he awarded many prizes & medals. Abdullah Nawawi is a painter of colourful abstraction who trained in arts and Ceramics and obtained his Masters in the United States, where he lived for several years. He is the manager of the Plastic Art Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Information, the Saudi Arabia Association of Arts and Culture, as well as the former president of the Jeddah Society for Art and Culture. In 2012, the House of Artists and the Jeddah Society for Arts and Culture honoured Nawawi for his accomplishments and dedication to introducing Saudi artists on a national and international level. Since beginning his work almost 40 years ago, Nawawi has organised a number of Saudi Art exhibitions around the world, traveling with artists and exposing the young and older Saudi talents to an international audience. Interviewed by the Yemen Observer, he explained his work as lines moving up and down, remembering moments of great joy and sadness. The artist has a distinct style within his fine art paintings and abstract works, blending his colours like a waterfall flowing down a canvas.