Ali Rizezaa

• Ali Al-Ruzaiza (1947) is one of those rare artists who will paint even if there is no paint. He made it himself in the village where he was raised in the Al-Washim region and cut his own hair to make its brush. Don't ask when his work is finished. It never is. There is always more paint to be made. It is the creative impuls itself. • His art education was in schools in Riyadh when in his perception such education at the high end of society was better than in present times. His mind was further openend when from 1974-1979 he studied in Rome. Ruzaiza's work is however not Italian, but is inspired by traditional design from the Najd culture. • His oil paintings have ended up in the Al Mansouria collection and with several world leaders. The artist is much admired in Riyadh. His most important work is perhaps the house which he has been continuously building there. He is vocally supportive of the independent spirit of a new generation of young artists.