Amer Ali

He was born in 1973 in Baghdad, Iraq, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in 2001 and is a member of the Iraqi Artists Syndicate and a member of the Iraqi Society for Plastic Arts. Exhibitions and Participations: Personal exhibition at the Gallery of the Institute of Fine Arts, 1995. Joint exhibition in the Hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts for students of the Department of Painting, 1999. - He participated in the Babel Festival in Baghdad, 1997. Joint exhibition (Three in Musk) at Al-Musk Gallery, Baghdad, 2002. Member and participant in the founding exhibition of a group of plastic artists in Baghdad, 2003. - A joint exhibition of a group of Arab artists in Amman, 2005. An exhibition (Asylum is a challenge) for a group of Iraqi artists sponsored by the High Commission for Refugees at the United Nations 2007. An exhibition (Five Years After Refuge) for a group of Iraqi artists at the French Cultural Center in Damascus, 2008. An exhibition (Changing) for a group of Iraqi plastic artists in Damascus, 2009. - A joint art exhibition for young artists in the (Visions of Arts) gallery in Damascus, 2009. Participation in many exhibitions during the past ten years with a joint humanitarian organization in New York City. A joint exhibition (The Spirit of Portraits) at Dar Al Anda Gallery in Jordan 2019. Currently full-time to do artistic work. Certificates and Awards: Second prize for young artists, in the competition of the artist Jamil Hammoudi, 2002. The Artists Appreciation Award in the Shaker Hassan Al-Saeed Competition in Baghdad, 2002. Appreciation Award from the High Commissioner for Refugees in Damascus 2009. Artistical works: A group of paintings in most Arab countries. A collection of artworks in many countries of the world: the United States - Europe - Latin America - Canada.