Fahad Al-Hujailan

Fahad Al-Hejailan is a Saudi plastic artist (born in 1957 AD). He is one of the prominent artists in the contemporary Saudi plastic scene. He is a founding member of the Riyadh Fine Art Group. He passed away in March 2018 of a heart attack - a group of his oases was lost as a result of a mistake from the sponsoring company during an outside participation before his death He held many personal exhibitions in both Riyadh and Jeddah. A Swiss company specializing in arts acquired some of his works, printed them and distributed them around the world in 1994. He has holdings in: America - France - Switzerland - Belgium - Kuwait - Morocco - Egypt - Jordan. It also won many prizes, the most prominent of which are: First Place Award in the Second Contemporary Art Exhibition in 1980 AD and the Second Ambassador Competition Award in 2007 AD, devoted to art since 1999 AD. About his work, the Saudi plastic critic, Fawzia Al-Saadi, wrote: In other stages of his artistic experiences, he began to move to the embodiment of women with a level of expressive exaggeration, reducing the elements to the point of erasing all features, turning them into color spaces with soft and thin lines, hoping to present topics related to the human subject and philosophical reflection. It depends on the abandonment of women directly, but rather their pictures in their general form devoid of details, and here is the opposite of its direction in the work of portraiture, which looked at everyone who contemplated it and represented one face of a woman while making his abstract shapes for a group of women combined by one external form almost with overlapping color groups as if he wanted to express On the difference of natures and feelings, and in each painting the abstract forms of his women go inwards until they fade completely, leaving the emotions and colorful feelings that were evident in his latest production.