Faten Soliman

The name is Faten Suleiman al-Khalifa Plastic artist and fine arts teacher Bachelor of Art Education Dedication of a memorial plate to His Highness Prince Khaled Al-Faisal Participation in the heritage dome of the Association of Culture and Arts in Jeddah The participation of the General Sports Authority in Al Sharqiya 2019 * Participation in more than one joint exhibition * Qalari Azaman in the East * Participation in the news exhibition Scitech * Participation in the oriental colors exhibition in Jeddah * Participation with Jasfat Association in Riyadh * Participation in Lamasat exhibition with Professor Muhammad Al-Zamil and Nice Group * Participation in the Cosmos exhibition in Riyadh 2019 * Participation in the Rubaiyat Exhibition in Riyadh 2019 * And school exhibitions