Sif Wanly

An Egyptian plastic artist, born in Alexandria on March 31, 1906, and died in Stockholm on February 15, 1979. He worked as a professor of oil painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria upon its inception in the summer of 1957 and as an artistic advisor in the cultural palaces in Alexandria. He was also president of the National Association for Fine Arts. He and his younger brother, Adham Wanly, are considered one of the most famous plastic artists in Egypt. Their studio had been a shrine for artists and intellectuals for more than 40 years, even after the death of Adham and Saif continuing his artistic career. They have a museum in their names in the Mahmoud Said Museums Complex in Alexandria. He studied art at Hassan Kamel School in 1929, which was later called the National Association for Fine Arts in Alexandria. Then he and his younger brother Adham Wanli were the first students to attend the artist Atorino Bici's studio (in Italian: Bicchi) on the day of its opening on October 9, 1930, after the departure of Becky. A special decree to teach drawing on June 18, 1935. He has works in Alexandria, Dakahlia Governorate, Cleopatra Hotel in Cairo, Sheraton Hotel in Cairo, Beau Rivage Hotel in Alexandria, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome and the passenger terminal in Alexandria Port. He also designed many theater decorations, such as the Scheherazade play and the operetta Bleach Carmen .. He has thousands of paintings in oil, gouache, charcoal and other materials in which he portrayed churches, streets, cafes, parks, horse racing, circuses, sports, public forums and the artistic life that passed through the city of Alexandria. He was also awarded an honorary doctorate from the Academy of Arts in October 1977. He has many local exhibitions and local collective participations in Egypt and has many artistic visits in many countries such as (Beirut - Beijing - Japan - Baghdad - Yugoslavia - Syria - Italy - Spain - Stockholm.) Local Awards: 1936 Mukhtar Award in the art of painting. 1949 Richard Award (The Golden Whip) for painting. 1956 Medal of the Asian and African Arts Exhibition, held in Cairo. 1973 State Merit Award in Arts. 1974 Gold Medal and the Medal of Sciences and Arts. International awards 1959 - The first prize in oil painting was awarded to the Egyptian pavilion in the third Alexandria Biennale, and the city of Alexandria gave it its key. Official holdings: The Egyptian Modern Art Museum - Cairo Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts - Alexandria