A Lebanese plastic artist, born in 1946, who has an international reputation as one of the contemporary Arab artists. His subjects focus on drawing horses, women, flowers and landscapes, in addition to paintings inspired by icon art. His works are inspired by oriental miniatures, Islamic and Bitti art, ornament and mosaics, to present the human heritage in a suit of optimism. Harir's works of art are widely found by art lovers, including royalty and celebrities. The paintings of those interested touch the finest human feelings His paintings express high abilities in the use of artistic, sensual and aesthetic colors and textures, as Harir has the ability to work in a harmonious system of ideas that embodies the ability to change and go through the midst of experimentation.These paintings teem with life and beauty, not only in the consistency of vibrant colors, but you feel that the paintings are moving and evoke human emotions and sensations, Harir style is an advanced stage of work presented by Armenian and Georgian artists.