Ibrahim Al-Fasam

Born in the city of Diriyah in 1375 AH / 1955 CE, holder of a diploma in Art Education in 1395 AH / 1975 CE. He holds many courses in the field of supervision, educational teaching skills and computers. And he worked as a teacher for art education from 1401 AH, the Capital Model Institute, he was assigned to establish and supervise the talent development hall at the institute in 1402 AH, then after that he was assigned to manage the art gallery and made the first mural in the city of Riyadh in 1407 AH. He has received many awards, certificates of appreciation, and acquisitions, in excess of eighty five. He carried out his work at King Fahd International Airport in the Eastern Province, supervising the Fine Arts Pavilion held within the activities of the Saudi Cultural Week in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco, from 7 to 10/15/1424 AH. Obtaining the first prize of the seventeenth exhibition of collectibles for fine arts in its various branches, (and the exhibition includes the participation of a number of Saudi and resident plastic artists and artists, and the exhibition included 250 artworks and the participation of more than 100 artists and held the first personal exhibition in Riyadh on 11/20/1430 AH corresponding to 8 / 11 / 2009. He also represented the Kingdom in many foreign participations and was a founding member of the Alwan Group for Fine Arts in Riyadh in 1422 AH He has many posts and personal exhibitions and was honored in Muskart 2019