Imran Al-Shayeb

Jordanian plastic artist participated in many exhibitions and festivals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia An exhibition of his paintings was held at the Italian Cultural Center in Riyadh as part of the celebration of the Italian Republic Day, inaugurated by the Italian ambassador, Torcoato Cadelli, and the Italian ambassador presented the painter's works, saying: “Men in the sun, we had a house waiting for men and guns ... and other addresses that you read when you read the works of the Palestinian artist Imran A flood of tired people with round eyes staring away and settling under angry eyebrows, sometimes expressing a hopeless fear tinged with heroic stimulation. From here, these figures and these masses of human beings appear, with their gaze towards the distant and towards one goal, exhausted under several impulses ... an occupied nation, and my life situation is deteriorating, oppression and terror. Nevertheless, you have a feeling while you are wandering through the gallery, between these colors and between these tired figures and faces, that you know these faces.