Khaled Al Owais

Artist Khaled Al Owais was born in Riyadh 1964 AD and he is a graduate of the Institute of Art Education in 1983 AD and then joined King Saud University and participated in many exhibitions inside and outside the Kingdom, including youth and sports exhibitions and a group exhibition at the Culture and Arts Association and in the Kingdom's exhibitions between yesterday and today and the Ambassador competition exhibition It is a name that is still decreed in the memory of Saudi plastic art and is still a subject of appreciation by critics and observers. His plastic works were born out of their time, as this artist preceded his era and his companions, so his paintings became an important and new stage in the process of Saudi plastic art. Al-Owais possesses color and linear tools, say we find them among his peers, so he competed with the adults and made him stand with them shoulder to shoulder, but his usual humility was a hindrance to presenting a comprehensive exhibition as many expected, besides his apology for many meetings or talking about his distinguished experience. Re-Riyadh, his memory childish fertile and full of love after full research trip and experimentation and work, the city has attended the old with him Bhawwareha, alleyways and mellowness mud houses Bovgaha heavenly transparent, has been overshadowed in his works of those venerable Swab colors of the earth dirt refreshing Berodtha when blowing Alruahna in the blue of the sky quiet like The sides of memories and the warmth of that place we adore. It has many holdings outside and inside the Kingdom.