Mahjoub Hassan

Mahjoub Hassan Al-Awad is a Sudanese artist, born in 1954 AD, holder of a BA from the College of Fine and Applied Arts, majoring in Illustration Design in 1978 A.D. After graduation, he worked in the Exhibitions Authority, Babi Janzeer and Sudanao Magazine, in directing for two years, and in Saudi Arabia he worked in the field of publicity and advertising for 7 years - Calligrapher in the Ministry of Defense for a period of two years until 1990, after which I completely left Al-Qarafeek. I worked in the field of interior decoration and the implementation of murals in private palaces with devotion to practice formation until now some exhibitions and participations, including a group exhibition in the National Council for Arts and Literature Khartoum 1976 Group exhibitions in the International Hall in Riyadh 1981-1982 Exhibitions of contemporary Sudanese plastic art in Riyadh 1992 - 2001-2003 The work of the Arab Days group and was printed in the United States 1993 Exhibition of the House of Sudanese Plastic Artists Khartoum 2004.2010 Riyadh Forum for Contemporary Arab Plastic Art 2005 The Arab Plastic Forum Cairo 2009 Exhibition of the color spectrums Cairo 2007 Continuous presentation in Riyadh galleries Private collections in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Sweden, the United States and Canada. Participated in many plastic exhibitions in the Kingdom. The artist, Mahjoub Hassan, was born in 1954 AD in the region of Halfaya al-Muluk and began art as a painter at the gates of traditional dwellings in his small village, and his subjects did not deviate from landscapes, prayers, written phrases and pictures of the pilgrimage, which he was keen to portray at the gates of everyone who came back from Makkah to welcome and celebrate After performing the Hajj The artistic personality of the artist Mahjoub was formed during the high school stage, and after one of his teachers encouraged him, he decided to join the Faculty of Fine Arts after graduating from high school in 1974 AD and specialized in (illustration), and after his graduation from the college in 1978 AD he joined the Ministry of Culture and Information in the Art Exhibitions Authority Formation, then he was assigned to work as an art director for (Sudan Now) magazine, speaking in the English language, from 1978 AD until 1980 AD He moved to the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and lived there for seven years. Mahjoub asserts that it enriched his plastic experience and contributed to his acquaintance with the Saudi environment, with its stock and great cultural heritage. He drew desert, camels, sheep and mud houses. However, the purebred Arabian horses had a strong presence in many His works. Mahjoub does not like to classify his works within a specific school or a specific direction, and believes that his works are a mixture of a group of schools, using a variety of different materials in one painting that he prepares himself