Mahmoud Al-Gharabawi

Saudi plastic artist, graduate of the Institute of Aviation and works as an air supervisor in Saudi Arabian Airlines. He is a member of the Arab Society for Culture and Arts and a member of the House of Fine Artists. He organized three personal exhibitions for him as well as participated in many internal exhibitions such as the General Presidency for Youth exhibitions, the Arab Society for Arts, the House of Fine Artists, and the Saudi Center for Fine Arts exhibitions. The third in the ambassador competition organized by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs About his experience, Mahmoud Al-Gharabawi, he has a unique peculiarity and has its intuitive visual affairs with many content and long-term titles that take you intimately to enter those landmarks as if they were narrations of poems tinged with language meanings that combine the high sense of an innocent childhood, so these rhymes were produced from chromatic and linear sentences, a system of artistic formation that grew to create creativity The painting has life full of human features with exciting joys and struggles related to your imagination, to find interpretations of it, even in several meanings, to find the combined possibilities, which gives it that specific weight of values ​​and impetus that is not exaggerated. He went through research and experimentation, and with every steady and confident footsteps we grasp the actual outcome of that depth of the aesthetic matter in the experience of the artist Mahmoud Gharbawi is a natural reflection of a conscious personality who took from her artistic achievement a prominent and clear goal to clarify to us through it the right choice and contemporary tactics that discusses the various facts and coexisting variables that accompany the art movement The current beautiful interactions presented objectively and influential.