Majid Al-Mufarah

Majed Saud Al-Mufarah .. Saudi plastic artist, born in Riyadh in 1977, BA in Business Administration from King Faisal University in Al-Ahsa. He held his first personal exhibition from 13-28 April 2016 in Riyadh under the title (Nol). He has several local participations. His artistic work is among the top 15 works of art in the Arab Art Gallery. He also participated in the Youth Forum for Creativity and in many artistic workshops in Riyadh. About his works, art critic Dr. Hakim Abbas wrote a reading entitled (Al-Mafraa is a child who misleads his dreams and flowing turquoise and saffron): “Al-Mafarah was distinguished in two prominent matters that prevailed in most of his paintings: the first, his ability to abstract, as he was able to smoothly and without costly present his world, and the environment that shapes In it his dream to the smallest details, with original formative vocabulary, bearing his fingerprint and the imprint of his world, loaded with the connotations that he assigned to refer us to them, without falling into repetition or being consumed, flattening and withering, as he succeeded in making them warm living creatures, cheerful, tenderness and at times, dancing and cheering. Others, preserving its warmth, but the warmth of life in it. The second thing, his success in creating a technique of his own, enabled him to show his world after subjecting it to abstraction, to subjugate color and its wildness. According to what was published in the newspaper today