Mohamed Zaza

Zaza is a Syrian visual artist currently living and working in Lausanne. Growing up in an artistic family, he started drawing and painting at an early age. After graduating top of the country from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Aleppo in 2010, he was appointed as a painting teacher assistant at the University until 2012. He has travelled since then in many countries in the Middle East, working and exhibiting his work in numerous exhibitions and international art fairs. Besides painting on big size canvases, Zaza also works on illustrations and animations. He is known for his neo-surrealistic paintings, whose shapes and figures aim to put the viewer in another dimension of understanding. Particularly interested in the idea of movement that he can convey on the canvas, Mohammad Zaza boldly challenges the preconceptions of form and function He have many exhibitions in various countries of the world in (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria, Canada and London)