Mohammed Al-Rasais

In the 1990s, Resayes became involved with the emergent expressionist movement of the Saudi pioneers who preceded him. On his return in Riyadh, he worked in the King Saud University as an art teacher, and became the president of the Art department a few years later. Among the large-scale paintings on which he worked are Waiting for the End (1985), Falcon and Spindle (1985) and his series Architectural Elements (1982), which all revolve around exile, pain and misery. The style of his works, particularly the composition of figures in space Borrowed from Tradition (1980), owed much to the cubic style. After his first solo exhibition in Riyadh in 1973, Resayes's works have been exhibited locally and internationally and between 1972 to 2001 he participated in more than 50 collective exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, England, Turkey, Spain, France, Taiwan, U.S.A and other countries. Obtaining a PHD in Art Education, Ohio State University, U.S.A (1989) M.A. in Arts & Painting from same university (1982) B.A in Art Education, Painting, Helwan University, Egypt (1977) and Diploma from Institute of Art Education for Teachers, Saudi Arabia (1969), Resayes published numerous books that contributes in the Arabic Literacy in Art such as "Man and Plastic Arts – A Brief History" (1992), "Plastic Arts at the Jinadria 7th – A cultural and Documentary Study" (1993) and "The Arabian Contemporary Art... the Beginnings and Developments and A Future View" (2002). Born in 1950 in Saudi Arabia.