Nasser Al-Turki

Nasser Al Turki is a Saudi artist born in 1971 from Hail. His journey in art started in his 20s. He did not study art, all things started as a hobby. He worked closely with Riyadh art group and took part in many group exhibitions and then started launching his solo exhibitions. Turki’s art represents a constant state of contemplate and speculation and light is a key element in his work. His relationship with his paintings is based on contemplation where in his deep meditation would inspire him to mix panoramic colors that give a sense of comfort and happiness to the beholder. About The Exhibition Shining. Between fantasy and reality, the mind and the sense, there is what we know and what we ignore! Different angles and different vision of the universe define the way we perceive the things, the senses and emotional intensity pull back and push forward creating multiple layers and defining their way to reach people around us. … This variation is expressed in different degrees of brightness and radiance of the color… similar to a nice color beam and its impact; which seeks to produce a hidden meaning, probabilistic, readable and fuzzy, instigator and catalyst. The color depends a lot on the viewing angles that generate different colors expressing different meanings and degrees in an attempt to reach an exceptional chromatic phenomenon