Noura Al-Qahtani

Noura Al-Qahtani, born in the city of Taif, holds a diploma in art education and a bachelor's degree in nutrition. She loves art since she was young. She started her artistic participation in exhibitions in 2004 and has several internal and international participations. She held her first personal exhibition in 2013 in the city of Jeddah in the presence of large masses of plastic art connoisseurs who expressed their admiration. With the wonderful paintings and works they saw. I participated in local forums such as the Ambassador 3 competition and Zahidiyah 3, the Dia Aziz Zia 2 competition, and the participation in the Musk Art season two and three and the Diriyah season manifested 4 and from the international side, I participated in several exhibitions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UNESCO Palace in Beirut. I also participated in the Saudi cultural days with The Ministry of Culture in the State of Algeria and the State of Morocco and I have several participants in Egypt, contributed to drawing a portal for the Jeddah Municipality, which holds several certificates and shields from several destinations, and the Golden Jubilee of the Cairo Festival Its works are owned by several personalities, headed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.