Samir Aldaham

Worked as a plastic art advisor at the Ministry of Culture and Information and a member of the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts since 1395 AH. And a founding member of the Riyadh Fine Art Group 1421 AH in 1391 AH / 1971AD, his journalistic beginning was in Al-Jazeera newspaper, and it was a weekly newspaper, a painter of social caricatures (last page), as well as a painter of symbolic paintings accompanying the poems and stories. His contributions to the practice of journalism as a press informant began at the end of 1971 AD as a technical correspondent for the technical page He started practicing journalistic reporting and dialogues in 1395 AH. He was assigned to intermittently supervise the newspaper's technical page in 1396 AH / 1976 CE. At the end of the same year, he became the supervisor of the newspaper’s technical department, which was a prominent division among the technical departments Written for a number of Arab newspapers and magazines in some Arab countries. - He founded the fine art page in Al-Jazeera newspaper on a weekly basis. In 1977 he was appointed Chairman of the Plastic Arts Committee and Chairman of the Media and Publication Committee of the Culture and Arts Association. Then there were many important and influential stations in his artistic life, and the most prominent station was the beginning of his inception by participating in the beautification of government buildings, specifically when Prince Abdullah bin Abdul ordered Al-Aziz in the need to highlight the work of Saudi plastic artists in the National Guard Complex in Riyadh during its establishment, and this project opened new horizons for the Saudi artist, as other government agencies who commissioned the Saudi Arab Society for Culture and Arts followed suit with similar projects. Visitors at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh were woven from carpets measuring 7 meters by two meters high He has many special exhibitions and participations starting from 1978 in Saudi Arabia and abroad, and he has won many prizes for his participation