Sebhan Adam

Syrian plastic artist, born on January 19, 1973 The style of Adam’s paintings is an explosion in the bowels of Arab and international art. O Adam, keep me away from Adam “This is the sound that we almost hear coming out of Sabhan Adam’s paintings when we look at them. The artist does not depict the human face in the context of the Qur’an phrase:“ the best evaluation ”. The face from the womb of nature in its first primitiveness is the opposite of the "aesthetic" of the mind and the Sharia at the same time. The experience of plastic artist "Sobhan Adam", who is a distinctive and special case in formation, is considered one of the most important post-modern artists. He is now working for an independent institution that he personally manages and prints very luxurious art books on his works with self-financing, because despite his strong presence in the art scene. He has held more than 73 individual exhibitions in many countries of the world, among them he was in the form of a demonstration in five provinces in France at the same time. His paintings are sold to the point that more than 90% of his production is not photographed, because they are sold immediately after being painted. Syrian artist Subhan Adam revealed a new $ 2 million painting he made to celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump. The painting shows a "lonely creature" woman as he likes to describe her, holding in her hands a magazine whose cover bears the picture of the forty-fifth President of the United States, with the addition of a manshet representing his view of him; "The president who does not lie."