Sheikh Idris

Sudanese plastic artist, Sheikh Idris Abd al-Rahman was born in 1952 and spent his childhood in Al-Jadeed. He also joined her junior school in the year 1958 CE and then went to the elementary school in Al-Masid in October 1964 AD to obtain the primary certificate in the year 1966, and then he was examined in a very strong competition to enter the secondary stage The year was at Kab Al-Jadad General Secondary School, in which he obtained the intermediate certificate in 1971, and he proved his academic excellence after completing his middle stage and enrolled in Hantoub Secondary School and obtained the Sudanese certificate in 1974 AD, then in the same year he joined the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts to graduate in the year 1979 AD. Professor / Sheikh Idris Abdel Rahman is talented and his studies came to coincide with his talent, as he studied at the College of Fine and Applied Arts, the art of drawing, which in itself is a recording of lines that include some observations and thoughts at a specific moment, taking into account the harmony of shadow, light and texture. Artist Sheikh Idris Abdul Rahman in 1956 in Sudan and began his education there. He was distinguished by drawing, coloring, and modeling work before entering the school. Khartoum College of Fine and Applied Arts, 1974 The works of Sheikh Idris fall within the framework of the Impressionist school, where the bright colors celebrate nature, life and freedom, and the artist interprets this impression as he says: “The beginnings of my work were certainly not impressionistic, but I was attracted by this art school because of its beauty that distinguishes it from other trends and schools. He made me research and practice it a lot, and he excelled in the field of speaking and silent nature, the bustling city, the seas and the boats. As for his recent works, they tend towards expressionism, abstraction, Islamic motifs and letters, where dark colors and themes have symbolic significance. Sheikh Idris has been devoted to art since 2006 and has participated in more than 90 joint exhibitions in Sudan and Saudi Arabia, including his participation in the group exhibition "Jeeran" at Hafez Gallery in Jeddah, Fall 2019 and others, in addition to 16 personal exhibitions, and he won many prizes, the most important of which is the design award of the King Abdulaziz International Conference in Riyadh. He presented many workshops and artistic courses, and the Sheikh's work is acquired by several entities, including Mono Gallery