Star Darwish

And the plastic artist (Star Darwish) achieved all this for the sake of the independence of his painting, with its vocabulary and techniques, as Darwish extracts from the memory of childhood, this world is infinitely innocent, what is bright in it, and what is quarrelsome, and from stories reflected in rituals, the details of which may one day lived And it remained in the memory The artist Starr says (a person without memories does not know himself, I tend to my childhood, to see the bright and emotional side in life, and to move away from the local in the work of art, away from rationality, because the mind has many barriers and assertion of things, and sentimental things are common to the world as a whole. , Such as motherhood and childhood Darwish uses his colors that approach the color of childhood and his quarrels with extreme innocence, and he may paint what they dream, and that is why you find in some of his paintings, the dream of children when they print their feelings on the walls of the camp - the warm - that is going to fall, responding to their spirit and the nature of their psychological formation, expressing realistic formulas, and others A sophisticated abstract with features related to the world of the child and childhood, as well as expressing intelligently and accurately observed observations. Darwish points out that I deal with children's drawings, considering the child the most sincere object in expressing himself when he writes his feelings in drawing, and the most discovering creatures of the form, and I believe that all children of the world paint the same way , And you cannot distinguish this child from any country, or from a poor or rich family, and most importantly, he does not pay attention to perspective, that is, he cares more about the content. In the other works of the artist Starr, there is a space for formation in the use of (collage) and its distribution among the areas of the painting, and the artist Sattar has singled it out to enrich the subject in which he works.