Fahd Khalif

A Saudi plastic artist, born in 1392 AH, holds a master's degree in art education - works as an educational supervisor and head of the art education department in the Education Office in northern Jeddah - he belongs to the symbolic school - he organized many personal exhibitions for him in Jeddah and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and has many internal contributions In the Kingdom and participated in many international exhibitions in several countries (Egypt, Portugal, Spain, Lebanon, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Germany, Austria, Korea, Russia, Turkey, Algeria, Bahrain, Senegal, the Maghreb, Argentina, Yemen, Kuwait, England, France, Qatar) As a result of the many participations of the artist Fahd Khalif, he won many prizes - representing the Kingdom in most foreign plastic forums - his three paintings found in the most important museums in Russia - his paintings were acquired in the Abdul Rauf Khalil Museum and the artist Abdul Halim Razavi Museum - Presenting a painting in the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Swedish delegation 2008 - Presenting a painting by the Governor of Sharm El-Sheikh on behalf of the artists of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia