Nile Mulla

He is the plastic artist, Nile Yassin Mulla, born in Makkah Al-Mukarramah in 1957 A.D., educated in its schools, influenced by its people, its alleys, and its Rawashen, and after knowing the secrets of color and shaping techniques, he painted for her a captivating, eternal painting. He joined King Abdul Aziz University, Department of Media, College of Arts, and graduated in 1980 AD, after which he joined the Saudi Arabian Airlines team, and his work in it had a great role in activating many different plastic activities, the most important of which are: the "Colorful" plastic arts competition, whose foundation stone was laid, He formulated its system in the year 1992 AD. He joined the Dublin Center for the Arts in Ireland, and studied “engraving and printing” at the Department of Arts in Amman, and in Madrid he enrolled in an intensive graphic art course at the College of Fine Arts at the Complutense University. Then he moved to Spain to enroll in an intensive graphic art course from the "World Contemporary Graphics Center" at the University of Santiago Compostela. Nile Mulla has a set of rich experiences in research and experimentation, and his experience is "Eastern Taqasim", which simulates the environment of the East in general and the environment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular, from distinguished experiences, through which he received a number of local and international awards, including: the "Ambassador" award in 2001, and the award "Al-Muftah" in 2001 AD, and the honorary prize from the Third Tehran International Biennial in 2005. Neil's works cannot be categorized into a specific school despite their clear abstract features. Nile Mulla has participated in more than 150 group exhibitions, competitions and local plastic events since 1982 AD. He has also participated in a number of international biennials, exhibitions and workshops, and has officially represented the Kingdom in international plastic forums, the most important of which are: the third Sharjah International Biennial 1995 AD, the Eighth Asia Biennial in Bangladesh 1997, and the Triennial Egypt 3rd International Graphic 1999 AD, and the 9th Cairo International Biennial 2003. The 9th Cairo International Biennial, and he was considered one of the first plastic artists to achieve the practice of "conceptual" art, and his works won the Eighth Cairo Biennial Prize.